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400ml Aluminium Combi Gun

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This durable aluminium combi gun is designed for silicone sausage foil packs up to a size of 400ml and, by undoing a nut to remove the bung, it can also be used for cartridges. With an aluminium body it is lightweight which makes it easy to handle and provides an even distribution of silicone due to a smooth trigger action. If you haven't used a foil pack before first take sausage in hand and at one end pull end up then squeeze just behind the clip to create a neck. Then snip behind clip with either scissors, sidecutters or nail pinchers, after having done this the end of the sausage should appear closed. Next pull back the trigger on the combigun - you may intially find it stiff compared to a skelly gun. Now you can place sausage in combigun clipped end first. Cut the nozzle to required bead size as usual, put nozzle on end of tube and screw retaining ring on. Pump gun and once nozzle filled up apply silicone as normal. Click here to see how to change the combigun from foils to using cartridges.

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  • Durable Aluminium body
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth trigger action
  • Nozzle included with every gun
  • Has hook to hang gun up

Technical Data

  • Maximum Foil Pack Size: 400ml
  • Cartridge Size: C3

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Volume: 400ml
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